About MDV

With 7 years experience MDV Residential Cleaning Services is a family owned and operated business in Brampton, London and Toronto area priding itself on an outstanding record of quality service and attention to detail.

MDV Residential Cleaning Services was established in 1999 as a small cleaning business in London ontario to both the private and business sectors. We have experienced a great demand for this particular type of cleaning services and managing to meet the needs of the rapidly growing customer base. The company has been enjoying excellent working relations with both customers and the cleaning subcontractors, whose services it employs.

It is our belief that working along side of our maids and housekeepers and meeting with them at home sites on a daily basis creates a genuine relationship, makes for the best possible overall cleaning and is what keeps our broad customer base calling back year after year for all their house cleaning needs.

Our strongly held conviction is that a cleaning service business can only be successful if everyone in the organization is totally dedicated to the business and each of our customers. Our goal is to make every effort in providing clients with excellent professional service now and in the future.

Discover what many of your neighbors in Ontario already know: We have the Best House Cleaning Service at Better Price in Ontario!