Our House Cleaners

To maintain the best service, we constantly monitor our Cleaners┬┤ performance. Feedback from our Clients and our Cleaners helps a great deal but we also carry out spot checks as part of our ‘Quality Assurance’ to ensure that our Clients, but also our Cleaners, are happy.

If a Cleaner does not meet the high standard set by us (upon consultation with both parties) we will either discuss our concerns to allow the Cleaner to enhance their performance or alternatively replace the Cleaner without delay.

Our staff is hired after background checks have been completed. They will arrive at your home easily recognizable with our Clean Red Uniform. Our staff is fully trained in the most up-to-date methods of residential cleaning. You will not have to worry about payroll, taxes or worker”s compensation issues and our maids, housekeepers, conrtactors and staff are full insured and bonded.

All of our maids, housekeepers, and contractors are trained in-house and on the place of job by highly professional trainers and supervisors of MDV Residential Cleaning Service. Our maids, housekeepers, and contractors are compensated in a way to ensure quality results, receiving bonuses for superior work and referrals from happy customers.

Our maids, housekeepers, and contractors are under contract with MDV Residential Cleaning Service. Clients can not hire past or current employees for any service. If you are interested in hiring someone with connections to MDV Residential Cleaning Service please contact our management office in London, Ontario at 519-681-0890.

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